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Most computer training consists of well structured computer courses that follow a set curriculum based on either South African tertiary educational standards or adheres to international standards.

These standards are set in part by the software companies themselves such as Microsoft who have designed and developed the software in its various version formats.

Computer Training consists of three main catogories of computer courses.

  1. Microsoft Office 2010 courses
  2. Microsoft Office 2013 courses
  3. Microsoft Office 2016 courses

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Computer PC Training Courses

If you've ever heard your staff groaning with frustration at their computers, we can help. By showing them the tips, tricks and shortcuts, their efficiency is improved and they will feel a lot more satisfied in their jobs.

We provide a professional on-site computer PC training Courses using our modern laptop computers. Microsoft Office Training offer high quality, great value Computer PC training courses in the Microsoft Office suite of programs. Our courses are run on the customers' site, as it cuts down on your travelling expenses.

And as each course is specific to the client, you don't have to fit in with another company's delegates with perhaps mixed needs and abilities. Your company gets our exclusive attention. We therefore have no published calendar of courses; we simply agree a mutually convenient date.

For the training, we provide course notes. All we need is a room with one PC (or laptop and mouse) per delegate, plus a flipchart/whiteboard if there's more than one delegate.

If you don't have a suitable room, we can hire one locally at reasonable extra cost.

Database and Spreadsheet Design

Not getting enough from Access or Excel? We can help you.

Databases are complex entities. Problems designing and maintaining a database can cost businesses a tremendous amount of time and money. Making sure your database is secure, running smoothly and producing accurate reports is crucial.

We offer some of the best database services available, and at a reasonable cost. We offer programming, troubleshooting and database development to help you manage your business data.

Our services include:

  • Database Security - Create logins for your users so they can only access functions appropriate to their job function.
  • Export Data to Excel - Excel has some advanced data analysis and presentation tools. Also, ever tried to e-mail a database? Once data has been exported it can easily be e-mailed or included in documents and presentations.
  • Automate letter printing - Create one-off or mailmerge letters directly from the database.
  • E-mail and SMS your contacts - send one-off or a set of messages from your database.
  • Data checks and e-mail alerts - Quick reports of potential errors in the data, and/or alerts of problems.
  • Links to Internet Maps - Need the location? Many websites have mapping functions, and a button can be provided to produce the code to access maps on these sites using a postcode from the database.
  • Customisable Reports - Rather than simply provide a set of prebuilt reports, this can be complimented by a set of options to select data based on your own criteria, such as any range of dates. These reports can he be printed, or e-mailed to a selected contact.

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