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What is Microsoft Windows?

Microsoft Windows is a Microsoft based operating system that interfaces between Microsoft DOS (disc operation system) and the computer user. Microsoft Windows has gone through a series of advancements and so has the computer hardware needed to run Microsoft Windows.

Initially Apple Macintosh were the first to use the computer operating system as a user friendly graphic interface selection process. The changes from Microsoft Windows 3.1 up to the present Microsoft Windows 10 is unfathomable. Even between the various stages, a Microsoft Windows training course is a necessity.

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What can Microsoft Windows Do?

Unlike the other Microsoft products such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access or the entire Microsoft Office suite, learning how to operate Microsoft Windows is not an electoral process.

Nothing can be run on your computer if you have not completed a Microsoft Windows course. Non Microsoft based products still have to run on the Microsoft Windows platform.   

Which Microsoft Windows Version Should I Use?

Your primary consideration is to understand the differences between the various options of Microsoft Windows. If you are running a small business and currently have on your computers Microsoft Windows 8 or Windows 7, then it might be very expensive to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 if the new features and its cost for both training and software purchase are not outweighed by the benefits of the improvements to your business.

Microsoft Windows 10 has features acknowledging mobile devices, virtual platforms and is more sensitive to the latest technology has to offer and its subsequent relationship with the new Microsoft Office 2016 suite in general. Most South African companies are currently using Microsoft Windows 8 or Windows 7.

Microsoft Windows 7 has been given a great vote of confidence by computer users that had previously suffered many frustrations with Microsoft Windows 8. Microsoft Windows 7 also has many new exiting features such as a new windows shell including a new Superbar replacing the task bar and great new multimedia functions.

Microsoft Windows 7 comes in both Microsoft Windows 7 Home and Microsoft Windows 7 Professional. If more than one computer has been networked only use Microsoft Windows 7 Professional even for a small business. There is also Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate available. Call us today for sound advice or visit official Microsoft Windows site.

Why go on a Microsoft Windows course with us?

Microsoft Windows is what operates your computer. To use an analogy Microsoft Windows is the car, the engine is MS DOS and nothing happens with the software which can be compared to the functionality of a car i.e. delivering persons or objects from point A to B unless you understand how to drive the car.

Have your employees learn to use the full potential of Microsoft Windows with our various levels of training on different Microsoft Windows operation systems. Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows 10 courses. 

All Microsoft Windows training courses are available in Microsoft Windows Basic Course, Microsoft Windows Intermediate Course and Microsoft Windows Advanced Course. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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